Leigh Gustafson, Chief Engineer/Technologist and Visioneer

Evangelist, Program Manager, Lab Manager, Business Development, Team & Partnership Development

Senior Systems/Integration/Electrical/Test & Evaluation Engineer, Software Developer

Leigh specializes in professional military and civilian grade modeling and simulation (M&S) with a focus on applying the M&S infrastructure to actual event synthesis, visualization, command and control. There are three types of inputs to any comprehensive M&S: Live, Virtual and Constructive. A properly integrated and configured M&S environment should not care which type of inputs it receives. Therefore, a M&S system that is distributed correctly can run on low cost, portable COTS hardware and be limited only by the imagination behind any specific scenario.

Within the military area of focus, Leigh specializes in all forms of tactical, logistical, operational and strategic mission development, execution, and evalutaion. Within the civilian sector, Leigh specializes in emergency management, law enforcement, other first responder functions, maintenance and protection of critical infrastructure. Specifically Leigh focuses on communications, situational awareness and integration of multiple intellegence sources, including the recently developed area of Human Terrain for high utilization and accuracy of C4ISR systems, policies and proceedrues.

Taking this one further step, Leigh believes that proper application of GIS should form the basis of such M&S and C4ISR systems. Such a system can be used to visualize the invisible, such as cyberspace. Additionally, the M&S and operational C4ISR systems can the same physical hardware and computer links, thus making training and using one and the same. Siumlated databases can be swapped out for operational databases as a simple matter of configuration. The flexibility of such as system is beyond description. Using such an integrated system would provide dominance in a combined physical and cyberwar scenario over any advisary, natural or manmade. Indeed, the very definition of cyberwarfare would change.

Job History: USAF, USA, Ford Aerospace, Pacific Bell, Northrop, CA Govenor's Office of Emergency Services, FBI, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

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Steve Kaplan, Communications Visioneer

Evangelist, Program Manager, Team & Partnership Development, Senior Test & Evaluation Engineer

Sharpening Operational Performance, Driving Standardization, and Curbing Costs as Director of Engineering focused on Long-Term Operations

A recognized telecommunications engineer known for crafting the requisite vision to achieve engineering and business goals, Stephan Kaplan, offers a unique blend of engineering acumen, team-building, and telecommunications solutions development credited with strong ROI and operational improvement at NACOM. As Director of Engineering, Stephan has built a responsive engineering organization that consistently delivers results by aligning technology initiatives with business goals, with substantial improvement to service delivery, standardization, and business/systems performance.

Stephan’s career includes over 22 years of leadership roles in the U.S.A.F. and U.S. Army supporting mobile and fixed communications on 5 continents. He also has over 25 years experience in the civilian sector working for leaders in the telecommunications industry, such as Fibertower, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AirTouch, Pacific Bell, and AT&T providing strategic planning, leadership, and support to achieve the continuous delivery of top quality products and services.

While at AirTouch Communications, one of Stephan’s most significant achievements was the introduction of a new SS7 signaling platform into the network that resolved supply chain needs, replaced outdated switch equipment and applications requiring extensive rework, that later reduced OPEX across the enterprise and created a fully integrated system capable of supporting a “One Network” approach with multiple platform requirements.

Gideon Zeedijk, Logistics and GIS Visioneer

Evangelist, Program Manager, Team & Partnership Development

GIS softwawre configuration and prototyping engineer

Specializing in evaluation and integration of GIS systems for military civilian applications.

Tom Kaplan, Business Development and Marketing

Evangelist, Team & Partnership Development