Welcome To Our Vision

Our sole wish is to provide you with quality products and services combined with a serious vision of the future with the best combination of price and performance possible. That being said, we understand that in an ever evolving technological world disperate functions must merge.

While energy production, efficiency and utilization are critical for systems to operate, those systems exist in a world of ever more dependancy of off-platform communciations for things like sensor inputs, data sharing, command and control. This is nowhere more obvious than with the modern Western soldier who must carry so much weight up distant mountains, across harsh deserts or humid forests, rain or shine, hot or cold. Any type of terrain and weather condition must be considered.

One key area where weight can be reduced is batteries. Therefore we will include the best possible products for personal and mobile energy production and storage, with a key emphasis on recharging storage systems. While we are on the subject related to mobility, logistics is the force limiter. Without food, fuel or ammo, the force can't move. While we will leave food and ammo to others, we can offer solutions to fuel usage by offering fuel saving products. Savings of only 10% would result in huge savings; or greater mission scope. Our soulutions can offer up to 25% savings.

Another key area is communications. With the ever increasing reliance on sensors grids and coallition fire support, advanced communications and management of those communication is becoming more critical all the time. Communicaitons, by definition, rely on radios and other electronic links. Those electronic systems require more than a AA battery to operate and taking heavy spare batteries on extended patrols is a problem. Recharging those batteries on mission via solar or other means seems far more reasonable.

Oh, by the way, what works for a soldier also works for first responders. These days municipality budgets can use a break. They should be interested in anything that saves money, time or effort. Our communications and digital integration strategies can also improve inter-agency cooperation and situational awareness at every level, from the cop or fireman on the street to incident commanders and even FEMA support.

Our primary Focus points are:
- Personal, vehicular and industrial electrical production to limit reliance on the grid or any fixed infrastructure
- Increased fuel efficiency of internal combustion systems for cost savings and increased range (reduced logistical load)
- Industrial strength M&S of the above combined with M&S of communications including, but not limited too, voice, video, sensor data, database access, etc.
- Industrial strength interactive M&S for training and mission practice scenarios
- Swift conversion of the M&S interactivity for live battlespace management and visualization with deep drill down capability and interactive scalability

We believe our Concepts apply to several sectors:
- All forms of terrestrial vehiciular internal combustion engines
- Inboard water based transportation sector; small, medium and large sized craft, both private and commercial
- Private construction sector; houses, sheds, office buildings and other buildings
- Military or Emergency Managaement mobility sectors - Any and all C2 and C4ISR sectors, including civilian applications

Our Mission is:

- To bring the world a technological, process and procedural basis to reduce reliance on petroleum based fuels for all internal combustion engines by improving engine performance via better utilization of the fuels used
- To constantly apply the best technology and improve that technology in every possible way, not only in our business interest sectors but to also offer integration opportunities to other sectors
- To build a global community of partners and customers
- To provide the best possible customer experience
- To provide the best possible warranties and guarentees in order to build customer confidence and loyalty

Our Vision is:

- To think outside the box, to change the way we think about integrating energy efficiency, power systems, communications, and data visualization in new and meaningful ways, to look to next generation and generation after next systems to improve the national and global economy and national and global security

Walking the Walk

This and our direct affiliate sites will use not use technology not universally supported by the main stream end node devices. We don't and never will use Flash. By extenstion we will not recommend Flex on the server side. We are making a choice to support devices like the iPhone and iPad which offer a much more capable and user friendly web experience than RIM (Blackberry) devices or Android OS devices do. Additionally, Flash and Flex create computational, security, and bandwidth bottlenecks we prefer not to deal with.